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Data for Finance and Audits

Financial month-end, year-end, and most stressful of all, audits, means long hours, multiple meetings and searching for information that is not always available at your fingertips.

Having easily accessible automated data significantly reduces time and enhances the value of the Tax, Audit, and Finance functions.

Alteryx, with its data cleansing, blending and prepping platform makes sure any information needed is a press of a button away. Using repeatable workflows, Alteryx is able to generate any report needed in hours, not weeks. That means you can answer any question from the auditors or from your leadership team, with an easy-to-use platform, that is built to enable insights and enhance decision making.

Now you can change the focus from spreadsheet-driven data manipulation to repeatable, collaborative analysis and insight, plus incorporate advanced analytics modelling and forecasting to give faster responses to executives, auditors, and regulators.

Unleash the power of data automation today! Click here to sign up for a demo workshop or 1-month trial to Alteryx.

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