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PowerPoint deliverables from others too often lack Power and the ability to make a Point.  So what if you could see your data and insights?  That is why we deliver our work in easy to understand visuals that display your opportunities.  This encourages the creation of new ideas and insights to improve revenue generation.

ICP Account Segmentation
Account Prioritization

To begin the journey to revenue growth you need to know where revenue will come from.  We will work with you to segment opportunities by your base and new logos.  With these quantified opportunities your sales and marketing teams can align on where to focus, you can size your teams to the market opportunity, right accounts assigned to the right reps and quotas built with account level data.

Next best product analysis
Identifying Upsell and Cross-sell

By analyzing your customers by product family spend, we can identify ideal customers that are used as a benchamark across the base.  With advanced anlytics we then estimate the upsell/ cross-sell opportunity by each customer and product familiy.  Your Customer Success teams can then be aligned to optimize the opportunity.  How would your teams benefit by knowing the next best product to sell?

Optimize Market Coverage
Territory Design

With knowledge on who to target and their revenue potential, territories can be constructed according to proprietary business rules.   Clients typically use # of accounts, revenue and potential.  Leading companies are now incorporating buyer intent and sizing the market to only those who will buy in the given year.  With our data partnerships and analytical horsepower, we can tailor your inside sales, outbound SDR and field teams for maximum revenue and minimal cost of sales.

maximize market coverage
Targetted Sales Plays

Sales teams do not sell to territories, they sell to companies and people.  That is why we go the extra mile to provide you specific use cases that identify who will most value your products and services.  This means total opportunity is broken down to specific use cases with their own unique value propositions.  The example shown is to target physician groups who can lose business to the big city.  We will work with you to quantify your best use cases.

Revenue planning and forecasting
Dynamic Forecasting

Gone are the days of an effective annual plan.  Today, you need to continually monitor the market, your customers and what your best targets value.  By analyzing past performance combined future scenario planning we can provide insight into what is happening and what will happen.  What if you could look into the future to plan your best market moves?

RFM analysis
Customer Segmentation

Growing revenue from customers is now more important than ever before.  This starts by segmenting customers so that you can apply the right support to each group of customers.  That is why we group customers into Champions, Loyalists, Cant Lose Them and Potential Loyalists or Champions.  The right tactics and the right people then run the plays to decrease churn and increase upsell/ cross-sell.

Mgr Whiskers.png
Competency Bar.png
Talent Assessment & Dashboards

Once you determine the right segments, ideal coverage and right targets you now need to know if you have the right people.  After determining the right competencies, we can then measure your people.  This will show who can succeed and who has gaps.  You can then develop training programs that can make them more successful and give you a better chance to retain them.

Business Meeting
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