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Revenue Insight Solutions for Healthcare

From PACS vendors to equipment and service providers, we grow revenue for those serving the Healthcare Industry.  With our experience and data partnerships, we integrate your data across hospitals, physician groups, imaging centers etc.  This provides you a robust picture of the market and specific opportunities for you.  We'll help you break down the market and size specific use cases and sales plays for your team.  These can then built into your CRM for lead gen, sales prospecting, measurement and improvements.

We partner with the worlds leading healthcare data platform to provide you the best targetting possible.  Our comprehensive data platform reduces market complexity and streamlines physician and facility insights. Our experienced team is here to help your organization turn those insights into acceleration—whether it’s advancing your go-to-market strategy or closing a new deal.

Intelerad makes a difference in Healthcare and we made a difference in their ability to target those who need to hear that story.  Intelerad has a proven track record of being there when you need us, and for being proactive when you don’t.


Our client automates patient acquisition & track the return on investment.   We worked with the team to automate their ability to identify the top targets for their solution, and rebuild their lead flow and sales processes inside the CRM.

With 50+ reps, Avante needed territories built from the ground up, and based on several business rules.  By creating an adavanced, dynamic Revenue Insight tool, we provided a year round service availbel through a custom portal.  This helped Avante navigate Covid and set the foundation for growth.

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